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About Jacob's Ladder

Our school sees lives and brains change daily

Through our two campuses and our remote services, Jacob's Ladder has transformed the lives of over 4,000 students with various behavioral and neurological challenges.

  • Emotional Behavioral Dysregulation

  • Full Spectrum Autism

  • Intellectual & Developmental Delay

  • Genetic Syndromes

  • Brain Injury & Stroke

  • Learning Differences

  • Cerebral Palsy

Every day, we see children manage their emotions and thrive in group settings, children who struggle with social cues establish eye contact, non-verbal children grasp language, and children who have struggled to learn take steps toward academic achievement.


​We design an academic and therapeutic plan of care around the whole child. Students implement their individualized plan of care in safe, loving environments with instructors that embrace our core values of hope, truth, and love.


Why do we do this? All so our students experience a better functioning life because they developed a better-connected brain.

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